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Window Well Installation

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Why is Proper Window Well Installation Important?

In homes with window wells below ground level, proper installation to ensure they have effective drainage is necessary. Without proper drainage, the window wells will fill with water over time, leading to serious problems. The water will pour through the seals of the windows and into the basement, causing damage to walls, floors and furniture, and causing a headache for you. To prevent this, our team can effectively install, maintain, and repair your window wells, ensuring they have proper drainage installed on the exterior of your home.

Throughout the entire installation process, our team is committed to providing you top-quality service by working efficiently and effectively to install or repair your window well and reinforce the integrity of your foundation. Contact us today for our expertise, as we have been servicing the Ottawa and Cornwall areas for over a decade.

Our Window Well Installation Process:

  • First, the excavation is performed from the window, right down to the weeping tile, which is located below the level of the basement floor on the exterior
  • After this, a 4″ drainpipe with filter cloth is installed that extends from the top of the weeping tile or gravel drainage layer, to approximately 4″ below the height of the windowsill
  • Then the window well is fastened to the wall
  • The excavation is backfilled with native soil
  • Gravel is poured inside the window well to facilitate drainage into the installed drain pipe

Crack Pro – Your Local Foundation Repair Experts

With over a decade of experience in foundation repair and installation within the Ottawa and Cornwall region, our team, led by Rob Ziegler, have worked hard to deliver great value and earn the trust of our customers. We have the knowledge and the commitment to deliver better results than you expect, at a cost and within a timeline you’ll love. With four-season maintenance and our 20 year foundation repair guarantee, you will have peace of mind. For your next window well installationcontact us today!