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Polyurethane Injections

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Why Use Polyurethane Injections?

  • Polyurethane injection resins & foams are designed to seal and repair foundation cracks
  • Eliminates water and air leaks from basement and crawlspace walls
  • These foam and resin seals are injected directly into a foundation crack
  • Once inside, the foam or resin expands, completely filling and sealing the foundation crack
  • This effectively keeps water and insects out of your basement
  • Prevents future leaking, provides an effective, inexpensive foundation crack repair

The Benefits of Polyurethane Injections

  • Effective – Polyurethane injections provide a lasting solution for nearly all foundation leaks
  • Inexpensive – Polyurethane injections cost hundreds, while excavations can cost thousands
  • Timely – Using our foam or resin injection system means no extensive foundation excavations
  • Convenient – With polyurethane foam and resin injections, we don’t need to dig up your foundation
  • Fast – The foam and resin injections start expanding within minutes of being injected

Make the Best Choice for Your Foundation Crack Repairs

Crack Pro’s foundation experts have been perfecting foundation crack repairs through polyurethane crack injections through over a decade of service in Eastern Ontario. Our long history of satisfied customers and focus on strong customer relationships fuels our belief that we will be able to not only meet, but exceed your expectations in foundation crack repair. If your foundation is cracked and in need of repair, please contact us today and allow us to exceed your expectations!

We happily serve clients in the following regions and townships: Kingston, Brockville, Morrisburg, Ingleside, Long Sault, Cornwall, Lancaster, Alexandria, Hawkesbury, Rockland, Orleans, Ottawa, Winchester, Kemtpville and Smith Falls.