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Interior Foundation Repair

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When is Polyurethane Appropriate?

  • Polyurethane injections provide effective, low cost solution for cracked foundation repairs
  • They are ideal for concrete and basement crack repairs, even if the crack is actively leaking
  • Also ideal for wide cracks, or cracks in walls that may still move
  • Such movements, like those caused by temperature and climate changes over the course of several seasons, are absorbed by the polyurethane foam due to its flexible nature
  • Can stand up to harsh winter temperatures experienced in the Ottawa and Cornwall area

Why Choose to Install a French Drain?

If you have a poured concrete foundation and are having water seepage where the wall meets the floor, or a high water table that forces water up through your basement floor causing water puddles or flooding, then you should consider having an interior French drain installed. The same applies if you have a cinder block or stone foundation. At Crack Pro, the benefits we provide include:

  • The French drain installation will eliminate costly landscape and driveway damage
  • It can be installed in any season or weather
  • Your drains will be protected from crushing and clogging
  • The French drain is capable of venting radon gas
  • We provide a 20 year guarantee on all of our work