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Eastern Ontario’s Foundation Repair Experts for Over a Decade

By emphasizing product and service quality above all other business considerations, we at Crack Pro are committed to building our customer relationships on the strongest foundation possible. We provide a minimally invasive foundation repair service through the use of polyurethane injections. Our confidence in the work we do and the quality we provide is backed by providing a 20 year foundation repair guarantee and full-year maintenance on all our work. With Crack Pro, you can rest assured knowing that the work we do is built to last.

We have been serving the Ottawa and Cornwall area for over a decade, and our commitment to service quality and ongoing care has allowed us to establish ourselves as an industry leader in foundation repairs. We believe we offer the best foundation crack repair service on the market, and our clients do too.

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When it all began

Over a decade ago, Rob Ziegler set out on a quest to fill a great void that would not only help numerous home owners, but save them a great deal of money. Crack Pro provides customers with a less invasive foundation repair approach through the use of polyurethane injections. Since then, Rob and his team have been repairing household foundations for hundreds of grateful Ottawa and Cornwall residents.


We’re here for you

Rob and his team are always dedicated to their loyal customers. The experts at Crack Pro are committed to being available to take your emergency call no matter what time of the day or night! Having provided quality service to the Ottawa and Cornwall area for over a decade you can rest assured that if you have a problem with your foundation, they are guaranteed to have a solution that will last!

20 Years

We Promise

At Crack Pro, we provide a 20 year foundation repair guarantee on our services. Choose us and you can be confident in your decision, knowing that our professional team will solve your cracked foundation problem and leave you with lasting results. Through our numerous years of experience servicing the Ottawa and Cornwall are we ensure that your home stands strong for years to come!