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Exterior Foundation Repair

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About Foundation Crack Repairs

Typically, we suggest polyurethane injection for most poured concrete foundation crack repairs because it is less expensive and typically less destructive than excavation, and our clients agree!

Viewing the cracked concrete from inside the basement allows us to not only assess the cause of the cracking, but also identify the source of the basement leak. This being said, there are instances, which require that the concrete crack repair be done from the outside.

The following are examples:

  • Cracks that form behind an electrical panel, furnace, hot water heater etc.
  • When a homeowner wished not to have finished walls disturbed
  • When other permanent objects prevent access to the source of the crack

External Foundation Crack Repair Steps

  1. CrackPro sources and marks the exact locations of underground gas, electrical and utility (as required by law & generally takes 10 business days to acquire)
  2. The foundation crack location is excavated to reveal the entire length of the crack
  3. The wall is then cleaned and waterproofed by means of an external water protection membrane
  4. An air-gap membrane is appended to the foundation wall over the waterproofing repair
  5. Finally, the excavated area is cleaned-up and the foundation crack repaired

We Guarantee Our Foundation Crack Repair Service

When you choose Crack Pro for your next foundation crack repair, you get peace of mind knowing that we have over a decade of experience providing excellent value to our customers in the Ottawa and Cornwall region, and that we back up our work with a 20 year guarantee. Led by Rob Ziegler, you can trust our team to not just meet your expectations, but exceed them. Don’t dig – contact us today for our specialization in polyurethane injections!