FoundationRepair (4) Problem with a Leaky Foundation?

Is it better to fix a foundation leak from the inside or the outside? Depending on who you ask, you’re likely to get conflicting answers. Almost any basement leak or crack can be fixed from the inside or the outside, and each method has pro’s and con’s specific to it. What is best for you always boils down to the specific circumstances of your problem, as each method can be more or less suited to address them. CrackPro has found in it’s extensive experience dealing with foundation cracks that 9 times out of 10, it’s in the best interests of Ottawa homeowners to elect for Polyurethane Injection.

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Why Polyurethane Beats Digging

External excavation is prohibitively expensive, and carries enormous risk compared to internal polyurethane injection. Choosing to dig will cost a homeowner thousands compared to hundreds, and cave-ins, damage to weeping tile systems, gas lines, and hydro lines are always a concern. Polyurethane injections, on the other hand, take the work of only a single technician over a few hours, can be completed without destroying your landscaping, and provide a finished product that is of comparable quality to external excavation. For this reason, CrackPro almost always recommends interior polyurethane injection over excavation. In rare cases however, circumstances will call for exterior excavation.


Why Would Anyone Excavate?

Accessing a foundation wall from the outside is extremely expensive, so it only ought to be done if it absolutely has to. The two cases that we find most frequently require external excavation are when full basement waterproofing is required, and when cracks are are blocked by expensive fixtures like bars or built-in entertainment centres. If your basement is so cracked that spot-fixing just won’t cut it, you’ll need a full exterior waterproofing renovation. Fortunately, occasions like this are far from the norm. What’s more likely to call for an external excavation is the presence of expensive basement fixtures like bars or built-in entertainment centres blocking the location of a foundation leak. If it’s more expensive to remove and replace these to repair a crack than it is to excavate, CrackPro will always elect for an exterior fix.
If you’re having problems with your basement foundation, chances are you have questions about how to fix them. Feel free to get in touch with CrackPro with any questions, or for a consultation concerning how best to fix your cracked and leaky basement.

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