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When it comes to sealing cracks in Ottawa foundations, the industry is somewhat divided with respect to their choice of materials. Some elect for the benefits of epoxy crack injections, while others choose polyurethane. Each has its distinct advantages and disadvantages, but we at CrackPro have found in our experience that (with the exception of a few select cases) the advantages of polyurethane for Ottawa homeowners generally outstrip that of epoxy crack injections. Read on to find out why.

The Advantages of Polyurethane

One of the most prominent benefits of polyurethane injections over epoxy in Ottawa is the fact that polyurethane injections can be performed irrespective of weather or interior moisture conditions, which provides enormous value over epoxy, as the moisture remediation processes generally required for epoxy crack injections take time and money. Polyurethane, unlike epoxy, can be applied in nearly any temperature, summer or winter. Additionally, because polyurethane begins to harden as soon as it is injected, CrackPro experts can fill the same crack in less time and pass those savings onto the homeowner.

While some might argue that epoxy crack injection fills a crack to a higher standard of quality; keep in mind that while this is a strictly true fact, it is misleading. For example, many favor epoxy crack injections because they (unlike polyurethane) retain the compressive strength of concrete, which is true. However, in most residential contexts, the compressive strength of your foundations concrete isn’t a relevant consideration when weighing options for crack-filler. There’s no sense in paying for the advantages of your chosen material if you don’t get to enjoy them, so that’s why CrackPro uses polyurethane whenever and wherever possible.

BenefitsOfPolyurethaneCrack-Pro Polyurethane Treatment

While polyurethane has its advantages, no one treatment can fix every foundation problem we encounter. Fortunately, CrackPro has the knowledge and experience needed to assess any cracked foundation and fix it permanently. Regardless of the problem you’re facing, CrackPro has the tools and techniques on hand to fix it. If you’re having trouble with your foundation and have questions or are looking for an assessment/treatment, feel free to get in touch with CrackPro’s experts. Leaders in Crack Injection across Eastern Ontario, you can trust CrackPro to get the job done right the first time, and ensure that your basement stays crack and moisture free.

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